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Introducing you to Generation Wags!

Introducing you to a new generation! Generation Wags that is!

Generation Wags, a program of the non-profit ReLove Animals, Inc., is all about focusing on prevention through education and action. Talking about homeless pets, it is not an easy topic and there is no easy solution to save all the animals and stop pet homelessness. Any effort is what helps, and that is just what Generation Wags aims to do!

This site provides resources and insight to educate people about how they  can help reduce pet homelessness! As Generation Wags says,  So “get petucated” and “Live It!”
generation wags

Built off of a personal passion, founder Debby Hartten created Generation Wags that has continued to grow and reveal new issues of pet homelessness and similar topics. Debby wanted to educate others and share what she had learned about pet homelessness.

Generation Wags is working on campaigns such as Love Tag Chip to educate on preventive measures to help reduce future pet homelessness. They stress the importance of being a responsible pet owner and making sure steps are taken to stop your pet from ending up in the rescue system.

Generation Wags works to educate about societal issues that impact the financial landscape of our communities AND reflect deeper societal issues including violence and abuse that is proven to escalate to human on human actions. Debby asks everyone to get involved and be part of the change and to make the next generation of animals happier and filled with love!

To learn more about Generation Wags, click here.

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