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Is It Expensive To Have A Cat With FIV? Find Out!

Is It Expensive To Have A Cat With FIV? Find Out!

If ever your cat has been diagnosed with FIV, one of the many possible questions you will ask will be, “is it expensive to have a cat with FIV?”

But before you find out the answer, you need to consider factors like awareness and treatment that you have to follow to save your cat from the life-threatening disease. From there, the expenses will start to reveal themselves!


Symptoms Of FIV

Cats who are diagnosed with FIV will surely experience signs and symptoms. There are chances when you cannot notice it immediately, so better to be observant.

If ever you notice some changes with your cat, you need to take action as soon as possible. Below is the list of FIV cat  symptoms that can guide pet owners to their own awareness.

  • Losing weight of the cat caused by loss of appetite
  • Possible inflammations of the mouth and gums
  • Fever and diarrhea
  • Infections in the bladder, eyes, ear, skin, and upper respiratory tract
  • Possibility of having a kidney disease
  • Cancer such as Lymphoma
  • Changes in the cat’s behavior, neurological disorders, and possible seizures


Treatments For FIV

If the symptoms are visible in your cat, take them to the nearest and trusted veterinarian as soon as possible. FIV might not be curable, but a veterinarian can give your cat recommended FIV treatment and medications.

Remember that these treatments will define how much money you need to spend for your cat diagnosed with FIV. Provided below are some of the factors you might consider to help you save your felines.

  • Veterinarians might suggest you give your cats immune-stimulating medications. This can help address secondary infections.
  • Familiarizing yourself with parasite control might be a good factor in reducing possible risks.
  • Consider medications for boosting a cat’s immune system.
  • Give your cat medicine that is good for the cat’s inflammation.
  • Be responsible for the nutrition diet of your cat. Make sure that you will be careful with the food you will give. If possible, check the nutrients and ingredients list before anything else because it is better to be safe than regret something.


Post-Treatment Care

Even though a pet owner already considers treatments for your cats diagnosed with FIV, it is still best to follow some post-treatment care. This ensures that infection will not spread entirely and will just give good quality of life to your cats. 

This may or may not add to your total cost, so check out some tips you can consider.

  • Keep your cat from the non-infected ones to prevent possible dissemination of the disease.
  • Confine your cats diagnosed with FIV indoors.
  • You can create a close area for your cat that allows them to go outside without having any contact with non-infected cats.
  • Keep giving your cats proper nutrition and avoid foods that can harm them. 
  • Make sure to have regular check-ups for your cats to ensure their well-being and avoid other diseases.


What Is The Expected Cost Of Treatment?

Is It Expensive To Have A Cat With FIV? Find Out!

Now that we found out the possible treatments that a veterinarian might give to your FIV-positive cat, we can now determine the answer to the statement “is it expensive to have a cat with FIV?”. According to the authority, treatment for the FIV disease might be expensive, wherein you have to spend from $150 up to $2,000 for each treatment. Take note that it still depends on the veterinarian’s medications required for your cat.

More than this, the rate will also depend on the size, age, current stage of FIV, and the professional fee of the veterinarian. Since FIV requires high-quality veterinary care, expect your bills to go higher.

However, always remember that there is no problem paying for an expensive cost as long as your cat is safe and healthy. You will spend lots of money, but rest assured that all possible treatments will be applied to your cat.



Even though cat owners are willing to do everything for their cats, especially when they are ill, they still cannot avoid wondering, “is it expensive to have a cat with FIV?”. Many factors need to be considered, such as the expensive medications and treatments, but the good thing about this is you can save your cat’s life.

If you would like to help other animals in any case, Doobert will welcome you as a volunteer. You are also given a chance to be a responsible pet owner by adopting one of them and making it part of the family. Check out the website of Doobert to identify vital details such as the volunteer and adoption process.

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