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Natural Pet Food Improves Canine Health | KetoNatural Pet Food

KetoNatural Pet Food Improves Canine Health

Did you know that limiting carbohydrates in your dogs’ diet can actually help improve their health?

So, if you’re looking for low-carb kibble for them, why not try Ketona from KetoNatural Pet Food?

According to Daniel Schulof, CEO and founder of KetoNatural Pet Foods,

“We make a very unique kind of pet food product, which is a very low-carbohydrate kibble. The vast majority of kibble-style products sold in the United States today quietly contain 40 to 50% carbohydrate… That’s a really bad thing for dogs and cats, I believe, for a variety of scientific reasons that carbohydrate is the devil for these animals.”

Before There Was KetoNatural Pet Food

developing KetoNatural Pet Food

Although Daniel has never been the type who rigorously eats a keto diet, a book by Gary Taubes persuaded Daniel that there was a scientific link between carb consumption and obesity.

At the time, he was running a pet toy company on his off-time as a lawyer, and the book got Daniel thinking about obesity in animals.

“I was working as an attorney in my mid-twenties, and I got my first dog…[who] became very influential in my life… He needed daily exercise in order to be a polite member of society. And as an attorney working these long hours, I got very—like, I need to exercise this dog efficiently. And I was going down that rabbit hole to some degree, trying to understand what’s the science of this? How do I really do this? What does a dog really need as a matter of exercise? And I learned about how big of an issue obesity is among dogs and cats in the Western world.”

Eventually, the experience made him learn two things: 1) that the majority of dogs and cats today in the U.S. are overweight or clinically obese, and 2) obesity is worse for animals than a lifetime of smoking is for humans.

Daniel continued,

“So, it struck me: if we could sell something that was truly low-carbohydrate, that had the carbohydrate content of a raw diet but in kibble form, then we’d have something.”

After spending a year developing it, Daniel and the KetoNatural Pet Food team eventually had their own flagship product they call “Ketona”.

“It’s a kibble that’s about 50% protein and about 4% digestible carbohydrate, which is like a complete sea change. It’s like a marginal difference from the other ultra-premium kibbles.”

KetoNatural Pet Food and Ketona, the World’s First Low-Carb Kibble for Pets

ketona world's first low-carb kibble for pets

The world’s first, truly low-carb kibble, Ketona offers better nutrition than raw and fresh diets. As their website states, it contains no by-product meals, no artificial flavors, no corn, no rice, no wheat, and no cereal grains.

At least 90% of Ketona’s protein also comes from meat or fish, so pet parents can rest assured that all it does is be a source of your dog’s unparalleled nutritional content.

“If you take carbohydrate out of the diet altogether, you get good outcomes. It’s just demonstrated in the scientific record. You can go look at the real customer reviews on our Amazon listings or whatever. It’s a real thing,”

Daniel said.



Learn more about KetoNatural Pet Food!

Visit their website at

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