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Episode 144 – Leslie Kennedy

Leslie Kennedy

Leslie Kennedy

Leslie Hughes Kennedy is the Founder & Director of the Barking Beauty Pageant – “The original beauty pageant for dogs since 2006.” Having adopted 3 dogs in her adult life, she became aware of the “puppy mill” industry and not only the abuse associated with them but also the resulting overpopulation. Her involvement in beauty pageants as a young person inspired her to combine the two interests in a way that would raise needed funds for the people on the front lines combatting this problem through pet rescue, no-kill animal shelters.

Leslie and her side-kick Salli-Sue (a sweet little Yorkie), host Barking Beauty Pageants all over the country. 2020 will mark her 15th pageant overall and the 3rd Annual Hamptons Barking Beauty Pageant. Thanks to Leslie’s leadership, Barking Beauty Pageants are coming soon to Denver, Minneapolis, San Antonio & Tampa!



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