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Episode 141 – Nancy Hassel

Nancy Hassel

Nancy Hassel

A Public Relations specialist for the pet industry, Nancy works with pet companies in many aspects of PR, event planning, media relations and training for pet professionals. Nancy is a speaker at many pet industry conferences, a writer for the pet trade and consumer magazines, blogger, photographer, and was a TV producer for 10+ years. She was recently awarded the 2018 Women of Influence by Pet Age Magazine.

Nancy Hassel is the founder and President of American Pet Professionals, an award-winning business networking, educational and multimedia organization for the pet industry since 2009. Leading 125+ in-person educational networking events, seminars, fundraisers and online events for pet industry professionals including animal rescue organizations. American Pet Professionals’ dedication to bringing together pet professionals from all areas of the industry has always been their number 1 priority, and what APP was founded on.



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