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Episode 9 – Sarah Westcott

Sarah Westcott

Sarah Westcott

Sarah Westcott, CPDT-KSA is the President of Doggie Academy, Inc. and co-author of the award-winning book Play Your Way to Good Manners: Getting the Best Behavior from Your Dog through Sports, Games, and Tricks, which launched in 2019 and was named the 2019 Best Book in Training or Sports by the Dog Writers Association of America.

Sarah officially launched Doggie Academy in 2007 after working with some of the top trainers in the United States to study the science of how dogs learn as well as how to be an effective teacher to their human companions.

She enjoys training & competing with her dogs in a variety of dog sports, with agility being her primary focus. She believes that training should be fun for both dog and human so the journey is just as rewarding as the results.

Doggie Academy Website:

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