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National Random Acts of Kindness: 15 Acts of Kindness for Animals

A favorite of many, National Random Acts of Kindness is celebrated every February 17th to both remind and encourage people to spread love and positivity. However, as we observe the special day, let’s not forget to include our furry (as well as feathered or scaled) friends in our list of recipients for acts of kindness!

Running a little low on ideas? Don’t fret—we’ve got you covered! We’ve listed 17 pawsome ways to celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness down below!


1. Treat your pet

Of course, what better way to start the day than by being extra kind to the pet in the household! Whether it’s an extra 10 minutes of playtime, a surprise trip to the beach, or a batch of homemade treats, today is the perfect time to spoil your furry buddy.


2. Pick up pet poop

Okay, picking up another pet’s poop may not be an ideal way to celebrate the day for most people. However, doing so not only allows you to help maintain the cleanliness of your neighborhood but also gives you the opportunity to prevent the spread of disease from one animal to another.


3. Throw litter in the right place

Aside from facilitating the growth of bacteria, litter can be hazardous to animals—both terrestrial and aquatic. They can become lodged in the throats of hungry stray animals, injure wildlife, or even cause the death of water-dwelling creatures. So today and for the days to come, make a habit of throwing litter in the right place, whether it’s yours or not.


4. Offer to pet sit for a fellow pet owner in need

Perhaps a fellow pet owner has to go out of town or is dealing with an emergency crisis and needs someone to care for their pet. Offer to help them out. Since the owner already knows you, they’ll be more comfortable knowing that their furry companion is in good hands while they’re away.


5. Buy extra pet food or supplies

If you’re planning to restock on some pet food or supplies today, why not purchase extra and give them to someone who’s currently struggling financially? That way, you can help make sure that the pet receives proper care during the difficult period.


6. Help a stray dog or cat

If you see a stray dog or cat, stop to help them out. If they have a collar, check if they have tags that contain their owner’s contact information or get them scanned for a microchip.

If they’re injured or sick, take them to your local vet for a checkup and necessary medications. If no one seems to be looking for the animal, bring them to a reputable shelter or even better, foster them until they find a permanent home.


7. Always carry water and pet treats in your car

You never know when you’ll come across a thirsty or hungry stray cat or dog, so make sure that you have bottled water and some pet treats with you at all times. If you need to take an animal to the vet, treats can also make it easier for you to gain their trust and get them in your car.


8. Open your home to a shelter pet

Whether abandoned, abused, neglected, or dumped by their previous owners, millions of animals in shelters are dreaming of finally having a permanent loving family to call their own. If you’re looking to add a furry family member to the household, we highly encourage you to visit your local shelter and adopt a shelter pet. You’ll be saving a life!


9. Foster a shelter pet

If you can’t commit to adopting a shelter animal but still want to help out, then fostering one is another excellent option! Most shelters have limited space and resources, so upon reaching their maximum capacity, they’d have no choice but to turn homeless animals away. Offering to foster can help your local shelter free up some space to save more animals as you save one, too!


10. Volunteer at your local animal shelter

Most animal shelters rely on volunteers to operate normally, so offering them your time and skills is a huge help. They’re usually looking for people to lend a hand with socializing, grooming, and training animals. Some may even need help with managing their social media accounts, revamping their website, taking photos or videos of animals, and facilitating events.


11. Donate to your local animal shelter

Monetary donations are always highly appreciated in shelters, but other forms of donations are very much welcome, too! Old blankets, towels, cleaning materials, grooming tools, pet bowls, or even just newspapers are incredibly helpful to shelters. For more ideas on what you can donate to your local animal shelter, you can check out this article from


12. Help the birds

Did you know that North America has lost 3 BILLION birds? And not just the rare species! Birds are essential to the environment because they’re in huge part responsible for pest control, plant pollination (including 5% of the plants we use in food and medicine), and spreading plant life by scattering seeds. Because of the global wildlife crisis, bird populations continue to drop.

Here’s how YOU can help:

  • Plant trees and shrubs
  • Build birdhouses
  • Put out multiple birdfeeders and bird baths
  • Prevent pet cats from hunting birds by keeping them indoors or making them wear a BirdBeSafe® collar cover. You can get one here.


13. Get involved in animal transport

By getting involved in animal transport, you can help animals get their happy ever after by uniting them with adopters or save their lives by transporting them to a shelter that can accommodate them. If you’re interested in becoming an official animal transporter, let us help you by signing up on Doobert.


14. Report animal cruelty

If you see an animal being abused or neglected, don’t hesitate to contact your local police department or animal control right away. The same thing goes for irresponsible backyard breeders.


15. Support accredited zoos and aquariums

While it’s true that there are establishments that hold wild animals in captivity solely for profit, we can’t blacklist ALL of them. Many zoos and aquariums are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to their animals and work hard to educate visitors about animal care and conservation.

Like most shelters, they’re often faced with limited funds, resources, and manpower, and need all the help they can get. So if you have time, you can click here to visit the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ website for a list of accredited zoos and aquariums. Find one that’s around your area and offer them your support.


What other acts of kindness for animals do you have in mind for National Random Acts of Kindness Day? Share them down in the comments!

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