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Night Transport with Greta

I was a photographer part of Greta’s transport from Alexandria, VA to Annapolis, MD. Being an animal lover, my first transport was exciting. The Great Dane was such a sweetheart and everyone part of the leg was nice. It was great interacting with fellow animal lovers. The transport was heartbreaking as well. Poor Greta was scared the whole time and I can’t imagine what she went through. However, I knew she was a rescue and I’m happy to report she safely made it to her final destination in Deleware. Of course, the trip was met with a few challenges. The leg took place at night and it was raining. I thought about getting a close up photo of Greta, but I was concerned about the camera’s flash scaring her. So I took full body photos instead. For the better, I’m happy to help better Greta’s life.

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