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Trading Post

Being a non-profit organization, it is undeniable that organizations frequently face resource constraints, may it be pet supplies, medical needs, or manpower. Although you can get donations and fundraisers, it doesn't raise enough money to meet your organization’s requirements.

Establish partnership and camaraderie with other organizations with Doobert’s Trading Post. If your organization is in need of materials or wants to offer anything you have in excess with others in need, try the Trading Post. Learn More

Is your organization short on basic necessities for the animals in your care? We're here to help!

Your organization can use Doobert to list available items to offer to other organizations in need or to request items from other organizations, such as pet food, animal accessories, medical supplies, and more! Here's how you can contribute to this sense of community by listing items for others! Learn More

Do you want to be notified whenever your partner organization lists something in the Trading Post? With the Item Notification feature, your organization will always know what your partner organization has listed in their trading post!

Here's how to configure your notification settings so you can get first dibs. Learn More