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There’s no road trip far enough with Doobert’s rescue relay transport! You can set up a rescue relay transport where several volunteers work together to transport animals across a state or several states. The volunteers transfer animals by car and then pass the animal on to the next volunteer in a relay race.

Since there are a lot of volunteers involved, coordinating a rescue relay may be tough, but Doobert simplifies the process for you! With only a few clicks, you can divide the route into manageable segments, contact volunteers about the transportation request, and check the overall progress of the transfer. Learn More

Do you use Local Rides to transport your pets to frequent appointments such as vet visits, grooming, or training? Using Favorite Rides could actually save you a lot of time!

Favorite Rides allows you to associate a pick-up and drop-off location so that you can select them instead of entering them separately when submitting a local ride request. Learn More

Need a quick trip for your animals in care? Maybe bring them to the vet clinic or a nearby foster home? Then a local ride request is here to help!

A local ride request is a type of volunteer-based transport where animals are transported to a location within 100 miles of the pick-up point. Local rides can be one-way or roundtrip and are great if you need your animals transported to a nearby location. Here’s how to sign up to get alerts for local ride requests. Learn More