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Asking for money is never easy, but it is a necessity for most non-profit organizations. A strong fundraising effort can ensure that there are sufficient funds to support your activities. With that in mind, Doobert allows you to create your fundraiser to collect pledges for your cause.

You can quickly track your donations and post your fundraising on various social media sites, keep your partners and supporters updated with the progress and even customize the look and feel of your fundraising page any way you like! Learn More

Fundraising campaigns are an excellent way to financially support your organization. You can easily host your own online fundraiser with Doobert!

But what if you need to change some details about your fundraiser? We got you! You can easily modify your campaign, including ongoing fundraisers, with a few simple steps! Learn More

Doobert uses PayPal to send you payments for a variety of reasons. We use it to send your sales when you sell items in your Rescue Store and when monetary donations are made to your organization through your fundraising campaigns.

It is critical that you use your organization's most recent PayPal email address so that we can properly route funds to your account. Here's how to fill up and update your organization's PayPal email address. Learn More