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Four of us relayed this deserving, beautiful Great Pyrenees from Sacramento SPCA to San Bernardino Great Pyrenees Rescue.

Were there any memorable moments from this transport?

Our team worked together by communicating with each other and planning for contingencies. We adjusted the schedule and meeting points by texting and calling each other so it went so smoothly, and most importantly, Panghu was transported in the least time possible.

What could have made this transport better?

Absolutely nothing could have gone better. The communication and planning were clear and concise from the beginning.

Tell us about your passenger/s (behavior, demeanor, etc)?

Panghu was a mellow guy. About 1.5 hours into the ride between McFarland and Pasadena, he started to get a little restless and whiny, so we stopped at the Tejon pass rest area for a quick pit stop and drink of water. For the rest of the trip, my husband drove while I scratched Panghu’s neck under his collar and he liked that so much that he calmed right down.

Why did you take this transport, what compelled you to help?

I wanted to help this poor boy who was surrendered by his owner. It sounds like he had a sad life, being confined in the backyard by himself for much of his life. Giving him the opportunity for a chance at a happier life was the main motivation for me to help.

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