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Say Goodbye to Awkward Interactions at the Dog Park | PawConX

Say Goodbye to Awkward Interactions at the Dog Park | PawConX

Have you ever felt awkward and isolated while waiting for your Fido to finish playing with other dogs in the dog park?

With an overwhelming 91% of the U.S. population believing that dog parks are good for dogs, it’s no surprise that dog areas have swiftly become standard amenities in communities.

A lot of dog owners bring their fur babies to the dog park, intending to give their pets a safe space where their pooches can socialize, exercise, and roam around freely.

However, most owners find themselves in an awkward position when they are in the park.

Unlike children, who simply run up to a dog owner with a smile and introduce themselves to the former’s pets, it takes a bit of courage for many dog owners to make the first move when it comes to socializing with other dog owners.

This may be due largely to the social stigma that only pups can socialize in their safe space.

This is what Kwinton Scarbrough went through, and the firsthand experience resulted in the development of PawConX.

In the words of Kwinton, a cybersecurity engineer-turned-founder of PawConX,

“PawConX is a social community app that brings the dog community together to really share in its collective knowledge and experience to ultimately make dog parenting easy, less stressful, and last but not least, more affordable. And that is usually what most dog owners go for…because they can get very expensive.”

Making Every Dog Park Trip Fun With PawConX

pawconx connects you to the dog communityWith its website bearing the tagline “Making every trip to the dog park a fun and safe experience”, PawConX lowers the barriers to in-the-moment interactions and makes it easier for dog owners to approach and converse with other pet owners in the dog park without it feeling so awkward while watching your Fidos play with other dogs.

Kwinton explains in the podcast,

“PawConX works in a very unique way. It works to foster and embrace the natural interactions that happen at dog parks and in a way that introduces you to other dog owners that are within about a thousand feet radius to foster that in-the-moment communication. It pretty much says, ‘Hey, I’m here. I’m open to communication.’ Or, if you wanna be an extrovert on the side of it, you’re saying, ‘Hey, I’m here. Oh, these people are open to communication. I’m gonna go and talk to them.’ So, it’s just a way to facilitate that interaction.”

What makes PawConX even more interesting is that the tool allows you to keep in touch with those like-minded peers even after your Fido has had enough amount of socialization for the day.

It enables you to share and receive relevant information related to dog parenting that you can depend on, as well as schedule future playdates with your pup’s new BFFs.

How PawConX Works

Say Goodbye to Awkward Interactions at the Dog Park | PawConX

In the podcast, Chris Roy gave an opinion about how PawConX seemed to have similar functions to AirDrop, and Kwinton confirmed the analogy.

Kwinton added,

“Anybody at the dog park that’s within a thousand feet, it will show you who they are and who their dog is and allow you to essentially create a personal pack of compatible people, or essentially what we call it on the app a ‘dog pack’.”

To find your dog pack, you don’t have to create a publicly searchable profile or trade personal numbers. All you have to do is download the app, create a profile, and view PawConX users nearby.

You can even check their dog’s and dog owner’s profiles on the app and send a request for them to join your pack once you’ve determined that they and their pooch are someone you and your dog would like to get along with over pet-related conversations and discussions involving the dog parenting lifestyle.

Currently, the social media app is only available on the App Store. However, Kwinton is planning to launch it soon on Google Play Store for Android users once they have mastered iOs.

Evidently, PawConX is unique in that it enables you to embrace the genuine and natural interactions that take place in dog parks and still retain your privacy and convenience.

In the rare case, however, that a romantic relationship spins off, Kwinton said that they would be happy to support that. Nonetheless, the primary focus of the app is on dogs, so they suggest texting or using some other communications platform when that happens.

“It’s definitely focused on the dogs. It’s about adding someone who has a dog that gets along with yours. There’s no point with meeting up on the app if you aren’t bringing your dog with you, or if your dog doesn’t like their dog,”

Kwinton stressed.

Although the social media app is presently free, Kwinton and his team are working on offering some premium features that are intended to make dog parenting easier on dog owners and more affordable.

Kwinton said,

“We are really focused on bringing the dog community together. We know there is so much untapped knowledge and experience. And as a dog owner, you almost are afraid to ask for help, so you go online, you Google and search for hours, when really, the person you’ve just talked to for fifteen minutes at the dog park could’ve told you anything that you need to care for your pet…”


Learn more about PawConX!

Check out their website at

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