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Creating your Preferred Volunteer List with Doobert!


PEWAUKEE, Wis. – Feb. 8, 2019 – PRLog — Do you only want to publish rescue relay transports and local rides to your volunteers? Doobert can help with that!

Doobert has over 23,000 volunteers nationally, who are ready and willing to help you save more animals at the drop of a hat, but we understand that there might be times where you only want to publish a rescue relay transport or a local ride to your exclusive list of volunteers.

By creating a FREE Doobert organization account, you’ll be able to access this feature by selecting manage people from the drop-down located in the upper right corner of your organization dashboard. From there you can add preferred volunteers by searching the Doobert database for them (by name or email) or you can upload your list using a simple spreadsheet file.

When you are requesting a transport through Doobert, be sure to turn on the preferred volunteer option to ONLY send your transport request to your volunteer list. It’s that simple! is a free, custom­developed system to coordinate rescue relay transports, local rides and even airline transports for rescue animals. Volunteers and organizations can sign-up for FREE!

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