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He puts the “Tex” in Texas

Tex in car

Meet Tex, a two year old male Redbone Coonhound! Tex was found as a stray and was brought to a local shelter in Brownwood, Texas last October. No one came looking for Tex, a handsome, friendly, loving dog. Sadly, Tex was left to live in the shelter.

Since no one came to get Tex, he was put on the euthanization list. He was listed as urgent, needing immediate rescue or transportation from the shelter. Just in time, Tex was pulled from the shelter byTex in car All Hounds on Deck located in Lincoln, Nebraska. All Hounds on Deck specializes in large, scent hounds and knew Tex was the perfect match! They are a foster-based, non-profit, no-kill rescue.

Just last weekend, Tex had his freedom ride thanks to RACE4Ran. This rescue and their dedicated volunteers transported Tex almost 800 miles from Brownwood, Texas to Lincoln, Nebraska. It was no surprise that all of the volunteers who met Tex fell in love with him! During his journey, Tex made himself comfy, cozy and right at home wherever he was!

Tex is currently at intake, playing and running in a yard with the other dogs at All Hounds on Deck. He is waiting to find his foster or forever family so he can live his life as a loved pet! Thank you to RACE4Ran and all of the volunteers involved, Tex was saved from euthanization and is awaiting his forever home.



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