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Request An Organization Landing Page Today!

Request An Organization Landing Page Today!


Are you looking for a more convenient way to get your volunteers signed up on Doobert? Look no further! You can now request a landing page for your organization!

Your landing page will prominently display your organization name, logo, and description to allow new volunteers to get a glimpse of what your organization stands for.

You’ll also get a custom link that you can conveniently share through emails, social media posts, websites, and other places on the web.

Volunteers will be able to sign up directly on your landing page and you’ll easily be able to add them as a volunteer user for your organization on Doobert.

That’s not all! You’ll also receive weekly email updates on new signups to make it easier for you to keep track of your volunteers.

Sound great? Read on to know more about how landing pages work and how you can get one made for your organization or check out our quick video where Chris Roy, founder of Doobert tells you everything you need to know about these Landing Pages!


What Are Landing Pages?

A landing page is a standalone web page where visitors “land” when they click on a link from an email, social media post, website, or an ad from Google, Facebook, and other platforms.Request An Organization Landing Page Today! Unlike a regular web page, which typically serves various purposes and contains many functionalities, a landing page is designed with a single focus and that’s to provide a clear call-to-action.


How Will A Landing Page Help You?

With your own landing page, you can easily publish your organization’s custom link on your website, in emails, and even on social media posts to get volunteers signed up.

Getting your volunteers on Doobert also makes it easy for you to add them as an organization user or even to your Preferred Volunteers list to give them first dibs on your transport needs.Request An Organization Landing Page Today! In contrast to just sending people a link to the sign-up page on the Doobert website, a custom landing page gives you the opportunity to show potential volunteers what your organization is all about and get a better chance of moving them to get involved.

After all, a landing page is designed to convert visitors into leads, or in this case, long-term volunteers!


How to Request A Landing Page on Doobert


Step 1: Send us an email 

To request a landing page, send us an email at An Organization Landing Page Today!


In your email, you’ll need to include the following:


Your organization nameRequest An Organization Landing Page Today!

A high-quality logo in PNG formatRequest An Organization Landing Page Today!

Your organization description, bio, or intent for getting volunteers signed up.


Step 2: Wait for your confirmation email

After requesting a landing page for your organization, we’ll send you an email to confirm the details you provided and let you know that we’ll begin creating your landing page.Request An Organization Landing Page Today!


Step 3: Receive your landing page

Within 24-48 hours, we’ll have your landing page created and provide you with your custom link to share with your volunteers!Request An Organization Landing Page Today!

Want to request a landing page for your organization? Email us today at!



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