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Episode 140 – Rosemarie Crawford

Episode 140 – Rosemarie Crawford

Rosemarie Crawford

Rosemarie Crawford is a licensed veterinary technician with a long history of helping animals – particularly kittens. She is co-founder of The National Kitten Coalition and has almost 20 years of experience in animal welfare. As a medical staff member in a high-volume, open-access shelter in IL, Rosemarie worked closely with the shelter veterinarian to provide for the animals’ medical and surgical needs. She assisted in developing and implementing progressive, proactive protocols for the care and treatment of kittens in the shelter’s kitten nursery room as well as for those in foster care.

In addition to presenting training sessions for The National Kitten Coalition, Rosemarie works at a large, six-doctor veterinary practice in northern VA, and in her spare time fosters neonatal, ill, injured or debilitated kittens for local shelters and rescues.


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