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PEWAUKEE, Wis. – July 20, 2018 is excited to announce the latest innovation in animal rescue technology to help animal rescues and animal shelters across the country to find one another and work together to save animals. “We realized that the thousands of animal shelters and rescue organizations in the U.S. did not have a tool to find new partners to source animals from, or send animals to, so we decided to build it,” said Chris Roy, founder of

Animal shelters and animal rescue organizations can sign-up for free to create their organization profile. Once they are registered, they will have full access to the powerful functionality of Doobert which will allow them to search and partner with other Doobert organizations across the United States. In addition they will also be able to see what animals other organizations have available to transfer out and if they are able to transfer in (if they have space available).

Doobert helps Rescues Find Their Perfect Match - (picture kitten & puppy)

For more information about the platform, please visit


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