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Training Dogs And Owners To Have A Heart | Bonafide Therapy Dogs

Training Dogs And Owners To Have A Heart | Bonafide Therapy Dogs

The love between humans and animals, specifically dogs, is incomparable. Many care facilities today invite therapy animals, such as training dogs, to comfort patients who require extra attention and love in times of need.

Many studies suggest that therapy animals can help increase self-esteem and mental activity among patients. Visiting pets allows people in these facilities, especially the elderly, to experience the joy of having company once again. 

That is precisely the mission of Bonafide Therapy Dogs.


What Is Bonafide Therapy Dogs?

Training Dogs And Owners To Have A Heart | Bonafide Therapy Dogs

Unlike service and emotional support animals, facilities often invite therapy dogs. Bonafide Therapy Dogs train owners and dogs to become teams before they can be supervised in these places. The dogs undergo training and certifications before they are allowed to visit to ensure the safety of the pets and the people they will visit. 

According to Joyce Pessel-Yaskoski of Bonfide Therapy Dogs,

“…the more mental health issues, the more people are needing them.”

Mental health issues are common among care facilities, especially if the patients are isolated for a long time due to a contagious disease or lack of visits from family members. 

Psychological well-being can reduce the risks of strokes, heart disease, and other severe conditions. Therapy animals in these places can alleviate certain emotions that worsen a person’s condition. Even a brief interaction with a therapy dog can cause humans to have a surge in oxytocin, a hormone that promotes growth and healing.

Although people have different approaches to dogs, it is undeniable that they have positive effects in these kinds of facilities.

They lower blood pressure; They actually get people talking just by petting a dog.”

Joyce mentioned that being in the presence of therapy dogs makes people smile, which is just as important as their treatments. Therapy dogs also encourage patients to return to the facilities as needed, as they provide a more comfortable and supportive environment.


“Dogs With Hearts” For Those In Need Of Love

Training Dogs And Owners To Have A Heart | Bonafide Therapy Dogs

As Bonafide Therapy Dogs continue to live their purpose, they need more owners and training dogs for these activities. All teams are volunteers, and they do this to comfort those in need.

They have specific qualifications for therapy dogs to ensure they will be effective in such applications. They train them to be “Dogs with heart” and have the passion to help people in care facilities.

This organization understands the importance of having company, especially for seniors that don’t often see their family and children with special needs.

After sharing stories from the people with the dogs interact, Joyce says,

“This work is so rewarding, and it’s just amazing.”

She also mentioned that the ‘thank you’ and accolades inspire them to continue with their cause. 


If you want to join their team, visit the Bonafide Therapy Dogs site to learn more. 

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