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Doobert Transport of the Week: Queenie

Doobert’s transport of the week is Queenie, plus her eight puppies!

Queenie shelter picShe is a German Shepard dog that was pulled from a Harris County shelter in Houston, Texas. Southpaws Express saw Queenie’s shelter intake picture, and their hearts skipped a beat. They said she had the sweetest expression and was clearly full term pregnant. The Texas shelter brings up a sensitive subject. The shelter Queenie was living in has a high euthanasia rate, where they were forced to euthanize two other Moms with nursing litters, just the previous week before Queenie arrived.

The Texas shelter staff were wonderful partners who make every effort to save dogs, also confirmed that Queenie acted friendly and good tempered, and miraculously HW negative. With this news, Southpaws Express wanted to help her. A wonderful, local volunteer with the organization, Angi, made haste to the shelter and picked Queenie up.

Just two nights later, Queenie gave birth to her puppies at Angi’s house. Since her delivery, Queenie has been calm and relaxed in foster care and is reportedly a good mom. She did react warily when she met a male, so she might generally be nervous of men.

8 puppiesThe challenge is to find volunteers to transport her to her long-term foster home in Rhode Island, where she can raise her puppies, and eventually be placed for adoption.

Southpaws Express has existed for about eight years. They are a very small rescue and they would like to keep it that way. Being a smaller organization they are able to devote more attention to each foster home, each dog, and each adoption.  They do not have a public facility, but all dogs are kept in foster homes until they are adopted.

The rescue was founded by Dawn Taylor-Church and Lucy Ohannessian.  When they first started the rescue, Dawn was living in Louisiana and working in the animal welfare field, and Lucy was living in Rhode Island. They began to help dogs in Louisiana shelters and Dawn personally transported them up North.

Southpaws Express’ logo is the state of Louisiana, but they now pull animals from shelters in different areas of the South, including Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and Texas.  With the help of transporters, volunteers in the area and dedicated Doobert volunteers, they rescue animals like Queenie and her eight puppies. To learn more about Southpaws Express visit their website at,

If you or anyone you know is along their route this week from Louisville, Kentucky to Providence, Rhode Island, sign up on for a leg, or even two. Screenshot 2016-06-12 20.28.29

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