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Activating Your Adopter Profile

Taking care of a pet can boost your life positively. This is the same for your pet. When animals have a warm home and a loving owner, it will offer them a positive outlook and affect their lives. It is a new relationship that will surely help both of you to be happier.

Do you want to experience this change as well? Activate your adopter profile to have a better chance of being selected as a pet parent. Here’s how to activate your adapter profile.

Step 1: On your dashboard, click ‘Adopter’ in the ‘My Interest’ section.

Step 2: In the ‘Preferences’ section, select the animals you prefer to adopt. You can choose as many as you want.

Step 3: Type in the size of your radius circle so our system will know how far out you would like to receive notifications about new animals available for adoption.

Step 4: In the ‘Household Information’ section, click on the animals that are currently in your household.

Step 5: Supply other information that will let animal organizations know your living situation. 

Add the number of the current household members in your home. Also, describe your household situation and why you are fit to become an adopter.

Step 6: In the reference section, provide personal references such as your vet, neighbor, rescue community member, workmate, etc.

Step 7: Type in your active mobile number.

Step 8:  Click on ‘Send Code’ so we can send a one-time passcode to verify your mobile number.

Step 9: Enter the passcode you received on your mobile number. Once verified, it will have a ‘Verified’ below your number. After that, you can go ahead and click ‘Save’.

And that’s it! You have completed your adopter profile!

Once again, welcome to Doobert, and thank you for helping us in helping animals! 


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