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Connecting with Nearby Organizations

As a volunteer, you can easily reach out to nearby organizations to find animals in your area needing a foster. You have total control over which organizations you want to connect with in a few simple steps! Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: On your volunteer dashboard, click the ‘Fosterspace’ tab.

Step 2: Click ‘Connect with Nearby Orgs’.

Step 3: Type in your zip code and search radius in which you are looking to foster.

Step 4: Click ‘Search’ and our system will show you a list of organizations based on your filter.

Step 5: Once you find an organization you’d like to connect with, click the ‘Send Request’ icon

Once your request has been sent, you will now see your chosen organization in the ‘Organizations I Foster For’ section along with the status of your invitation.

Once the organization has accepted your request, the status will show ‘Connected’.

Step 6: If you want to unlink an organization from your volunteer profile, simply click the ‘unlink’ icon.

You can add as many organizations as you want! The more organizations you are connected with, the more chances you get to foster and save more animals! 


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