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Creating & Activating Your Foster Profile

We are so excited to welcome you to become a part of the Doobert community! Our volunteers or as we call them, Dooberteers, are one of the reasons why we continue in supporting animal shelters and organizations in doing their mission, to save more animals.

Ready to change the world for animals in need? Here’s how you can fill out and activate your foster profile.

Step 1: Click on the ‘Foster Home’ icon from the ‘My Info’ dashboard. 

Alternatively, you can click on the ‘FosterSpace’ tab and select the ‘Fill Out My Foster Profile’ button from this page.

Step 2: You have two options to fill out your profile. By taking the ‘What Type of Foster Are You Quiz’ or by simply filling out your information on a form.

Step 3: Select your availability by clicking all the options that apply.

Step 4: Select any animals you would want to foster in the ‘Preferences’ section.

Step 5: Answer the ‘Household Information’ section by using the drop-down and textbox.

Step 6: Supply a few personal references.

Step 7: Type in your active mobile number.

Step 8:  Click on ‘Send Code’ so we can send a one-time passcode to verify your mobile number.

Step 9: Enter the passcode you received on your mobile number. Once verified, it will have a ‘Verified’ below your number. After that, you can go ahead and click ‘Save’.

And that’s it! You have completed your foster profile!

Once again, welcome to Doobert, and thank you for helping us in helping animals! 


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