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Why do you rescue?

“Every company, organization or group with the ability to inspire
starts with a person or small group of people who were
inspired to do something bigger than themselves.”
– Simon Sinek
(author, motivational speaker and author of ‘Start with Why’)


While you’re reading this, stop and think for a moment; “Why do I rescue?”  Maybe you think you rescue because you were inspired by a sad story on Facebook.  Or maybe a friend of yours suggested you help with a transport and then you got hooked.  But these are all ‘How’ you got into rescue, not ‘Why.’  Do you really know what your why is?  Simon Sinek is the person behind the quote above and his premise is simple; start with why and it will help you better communicate all of the other whats that differentiate you.  So in our case, if someone asks you ‘why do you rescue?’, what is your response?  Do you tell them you do it because you’re making a difference and because you love animals?  Do you explain to them that 1 animal is euthanized every 16 seconds due to overpopulation and logistical imbalances?

Just like you are asked why you rescue, I am often asked why I continue to fund, build and support Doobert.  Here is my response:

  • I work on Doobert because the work we’re doing now with Doobert is better than the work we did 6 months ago, and the work 6 months from now will be better than what we are doing today.
  • I work on Doobert because I wake up every day with a sense of why I work to support rescue, and I am excited to get to work.
  • I work on Doobert in order to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.
  • I work on Doobert to find other rescuers that believe what I believe, who want to work together, standing shoulder to shoulder in pursuit of the same goals, so that we can all succeed in saving animals.

So why do YOU rescue?  Comment and tell us!

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