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Can Cat FIV Be Spread Through Water Bowls?

cat fiv

The Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, mostly known as FIV, is a disease that weakens a cat’s immune system and makes them vulnerable to other health complications. It is one of the felines’ most infectious and common illnesses, but can cat FIV be spread through water bowls? 

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Can Cats Transmit FIV Through Water Bowls?

Pet owners often get confused when discussing the question, “can cat FIV be spread through water bowls.” Several myths roam around saying that an infected cat can transmit FIV cat symptoms to other felines through litter boxes, food trays, mock fighting, and sneezes. In reality, this disease does not spread casually.

FIV is a fragile virus. It cannot last long once outside the cat’s body. You can eliminate it through detergents, heating, lighting, and drying.

In this case, FIV will die before another cat drinks from the water bowl. Elimination can occur in a few seconds, so you need not worry about transmitting it through sharing food and drinks.

Cats also have effective mucous membranes, which serve as barriers to FIV. The virus will fail to cross this membrane, causing it to die in the stomach. 

FIV can only become transmitted to other cats through a direct passage of saliva and blood from an infected cat to a non-infected one. These processes include deep bite wounds and blood transfusions. In rare situations, kittens can get FIV from their mothers through breastfeeding or birth canal.


Which Cats Are More Prone To FIV Transmission?

If your cat is an un-neutered male feline, it is more vulnerable to getting FIV. These cats usually have outdoor access, plus they like fighting with others because of their territorial behavior.

Middle-aged felines of 5 to 10 years are also prone to FIV. On the other hand, female cats are less likely to have this virus.


Can You Prevent FIV Transmission?

Even though the answer to the question, can cat FIV be spread through water bowls, is no, it is still better to take preventive cautions to avoid getting FIV. Some ways to prevent FIV transmission are the following.

  • Keeping non-infected cats indoors
  • Separating infected cats from non-infected ones
  • Neutering male cats to reduce their territorial behavior and fighting habits
  • Spaying female cats to prevent spreading the virus to their offspring
  • Avoiding raw foods and eggs in feline’s dietary plans
  • Going to regular check-ups twice a year, including blood count and urine analysis
  • Home cleaning and disinfecting

Unfortunately, no FIV vaccines are available anywhere because only a few countries support vaccinations.

cat fiv

How Can You Know If FIV Has Become Transmitted To Your Cat?

You may sometimes think FIV transmission inside your household is an uncommon incident. However, you still need to know if your cat with FIV originally got this virus from infected felines. The following are usual effects of having FIV:

  • Weight loss
  • Refusal to eat
  • Gum infection
  • Lack of self-grooming
  • Eye troubles
  • Diarrhea



Can cat FIV be spread through water bowls? Luckily, this virus does not usually transmit to other cats without direct contact with the blood and saliva of an infected feline. Pet owners can still prevent their cats from getting FIV and other health complications.

If you know someone who needs help with cat problems, you can visit Doobert today to get a helping hand! You can also be a rescue volunteer to spread awareness about FIV to other cat parents. With Doobert, everyone can have more opportunities to build healthier relationships with pets.

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