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Revolutionary Pet Supplies And Products To Solve Real Problems │ Diggs

Revolutionary Pet Supplies And Products To Solve Real Problems │ Diggs

As a pet parent, you’re probably on the constant hunt to find the best pet supplies and gear for your pet to use. Unfortunately, with the growing pet industry, there are more and more low-quality and undifferentiated products becoming available in the market. You probably don’t want that for your precious furry babies.

It makes you wonder where you can find the most durable pet crates and the most comfortable bed. The answer: Diggs!


Diggs: Best Quality Dog Crates

Revolutionary Pet Supplies And Products To Solve Real Problems │ Diggs

According to Zel Crampton, Diggs was the result of built-up frustration with existing low-quality pet supplies. Besides, he basically realized the lack of revolutionary products in the market when he got his dog about six years ago. He looked forward to showering his pet with excellent gear, only to end up disappointed with the poorly-made products.

Having had enough, he made his pet supplies, starting with reimagining the mundane black wire crate. After years, Diggs released their revolutionary and unique pet supplies, with the Revol Dog Crate as their primary product.

“The name of the game is beautiful, aesthetic, functional, and really safe.”

Revol was an aesthetic, collapsible crate that was easy to set up and clean. It can serve as a sturdy transportation tool and is convenient to carry and store. This ergonomic crate truly sets the standards for innovative dog crates.


Innovative Pet Supplies From Diggs

Revolutionary Pet Supplies And Products To Solve Real Problems │ Diggs

Diggs didn’t stop with crates. With their crates being a massive hit, Diggs took the opportunity to release various other pet supplies to include in their product portfolio. The company utilized the popularity of its sales with Revol to make other customers see their other products.  

“That’s an opportunity for us to kind of elevate your experience in other areas as well.”

Currently, Diggs has an extensive list of pet products on its website. They have comfortable dog beds, sturdy travel carriers, portable poop bags, effective crate training aid, durable walking gear, delicious treats, and awesome bundle deals! You can buy all of these for reasonable prices. 

“The common thread between our products is solving problems. That’s number one. And delivering products that are beautiful, safe, and functional.”

Diggs isn’t stopping anytime soon, either. They have big launches coming up, and more products are in development. They aren’t resting until they meet their company mission – to improve pets’ health, safety, and happiness through design and innovation!

“We revolutionized crates, and we’re gonna be revolutionizing carriers.”


If you are interested in Diggs pet supplies and products, visit their official shop at their website. Use the discount code ANIMAL-INNOVATIONS to enjoy 10% off your purchase there. Furthermore, you may also find their products at other online shops like Amazon, Petco, and PetSmart.

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