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Spencer comes into Pointer Rescue

Tell us how the transport came together?

Volunteers were sourced from Doobert, email from PRO and various Facebook transport pages.

Were there any memorable moments from this transport?

Meeting Spencer and the wonderful volunteer transporters before and after me.

What could have made this transport better?

Nothing I can think of. PRO (Pointer Rescue Organization) carries out a well organized transport.

Tell us about your passenger/s (behavior, demeanor, etc)?

Spencer was a wonderful travel buddy. He didn’t make a sound on transport. Perfect gentlepup!

Why did you take this transport, what compelled you to help?

I transported a lot in 2017/2018 and then became a foster for medically needy doxies so I had to retire from transporting. Currently don’t have any foster pups. I was soooo excited to be able to help transport Spencer for Pointer Rescue Organization.
The transport was monitored the entire way and we had a chat open for all involved to keep communication between drivers on how Spencer was doing and time management.

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