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Hope is real; You are valued; Animals will live because of you; You are a hero!

“If you are feeling low or trampled, unappreciated or forgotten and you are reading this, realize it is an illusion. The hope is real, you are valued, and what lies ahead is brilliance.” — Tom Althouse

You are a Hero, a Savior, a Rescuer.  You are one of us.

This weeks quote grabbed my attention so I did a little more digging on who Tom Althouse is and I was amazed as the plethora of other inspiring quotes from this author.

He wrote a Children’s book that you can get on Amazon called the Frowny Face Cow.  But he has so many inspiring quotes that apply to our discussion this week that I wanted to share a second one so you can be as inspired as I was:

“You know you are truly alive, when you care for every living thing. One day soon, it will be the norm to view others not as competition, but gifts to share this gorgeous planet with, and we will not be able to imagine the loss of but one.”  ― Tom Althouse, The Frowny Face Cow

Care for every living thing

you are a heroAs animal rescuers, this could be considered our mantra, our credo or our philosophy.  We care about animals which is why we dedicate our time, our resources and our lives towards helping those without a voice.

Whether you are an animal rescue volunteer or a staff member at a local animal shelter, you are making a difference in the lives of animals and people at the same time.  You are a hero!  You are a savior!  You are a rescuer!

You realize just how important life is and how quickly it can be snuffed away from us.  Not a day goes without someone we love losing a friend, family member or life-long companion.  Humans and animals alike pass to their next life on a regular basis and we grieve their loss and celebrate the impact that they had.  Their lives mattered.  Our lives matter.  We know that caring for every living thing is at the core of our being.

View others not as competition

Teamwork quotesI have written before about recognizing the importance of our collaboration and coordination as we work together to save more animals.  We shouldn’t view our fellow rescuers as competition despite the fact that it may seem like we are competing for resources, volunteers or recognition.

Doobert was founded with the idea that if we coordinate our resources that we can help more organizations save more animals.  We should continue to work together towards our common cause for animals and look for ways to collaborate, share and support one another.

View others as…gifts to share this gorgeous planet with

dog hikingPersonally, I love this part of his quote.  Every one of us has a lot in common.  At the very core, we are all residents on the same planet.

Everything and everyone should be considered a gift to share the experience with.  When you think of everything and everyone as a gift, your perspective will change dramatically.

So if you’re feeling down today, remember…

  • The hope is real – companion animal euthanization rates are declining every year in the U.S.

  • You are valued – every animal rescuer is a valuable part of the Movement to save animals.

  • What lies ahead is brilliance – the momentum is with us; the passion is fueling us; the cause inspires us.

My fellow rescuers, you are loved!

You are a hero

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